A Guide To SEO Services

The importance of search engine optimization is well known and it is a necessary marketing strategy, especially if you want to increase your organic rankings. Once these rankings increase, your site will naturally get more traffic which means more site visitors which can easily be converted into customers or subscribers. This article will cover some of the SEO services that most digital marketing companies offer and we will take a look at how they all positively affect your rankings. With that said, let’s get started!

Keyword Research 

The most important task that needs to be done is keyword research before anything is built. Keyword research is exactly as it sounds and it is where you use various keyword tools to search for the right long tails for your niche. There are a few characteristics you should be looking for such as low to medium search volume with low to medium competition. It is highly advised not to target high volume, high competition words, especially if you don’t have a large budget and if you’re not willing to wait a significant amount of time for results. Also, these high volume competitive keywords usually don’t have a lot of buyer intent, so you might get a lot of traffic, but not many of the visitors will convert into customers. As a result, it is best to build up a blueprint that focuses on more buyer-focused words where the searcher’s intent is further along the sales funnel. To put this simply, it is better to rank for a term such as “dog collars for pugs” as oppose to “dogs” since the people searching for that term are specifically interested in collars for their pug and are more likely to buy a collar from you. The persons searching for “dog” may just be looking for informational content or entertainment and not many of these searchers will convert.

Content & On-Page Optimisation 

Next, we will look at content creation services and on page optimization. These two SEO services are placed together because they go hand in hand. If you create great pages that are not properly optimized, then the content will not rank as quickly and effortlessly as it could. Now, when choosing an article creation service, it is essential that you choose one with professional writers that won’t just produce rehashed content. You need people that will create unique, well researched and well-organised content that searchers will love reading. They should also create these pages with conversion in mind so that the people on your site actually click through and buy or sign up to your newsletter.

Additionally, the content itself needs to be properly optimized with the keywords gained from the keyword research. They will place the most important words in the areas that hold the most weight such as the title, headline, URL, meta description, image alt tags and more. This will ensure that Google knows what that page is about and proper on-page optimization can make a page rank without many backlinks.

Backlinks – Off Page Optimization 

Next, we will look at off page optimization which is the building of backlinks. When you create these type of backlinks, it is essential that you focus on the quality of the links and not the quantity. You always need to be aware of the Google Penguin penalty as well as Google’s manual penalties. Therefore, it is best to stick to white hat types of links. These links can be created through guest posts, creating skyscraper type content, broken backlink building, niche edits and much more.

The authority and relevance of the sites linking back to yours are extremely important it is better to get these links from sites with high DA and trust. You should also do your research and ensure they are not spammy and don’t accept paid promotion. If they do, then it is best to avoid them. A good SEO agency will focus heavily on white hat strategies which will ensure that the backlinks procured are of the highest quality that won’t lead to a penalization.

Technical SEO Services 

Next, another common service is that of technical search engine optimization which has become increasingly important. In particular, this refers to ensuring the technical aspects of your site are optimized. For example, this means making sure that each page loads as quickly as possible and finding ways to speed up the loading times. A slow loading page will be penalized by Google and the rankings will be decreased. Additionally, the type of hosting is very important and you need a host that has almost 100% uptime. The higher the uptime, the better because sites that become unavailable, also have their rankings dropped. The theme and entire user experience of your site is also important and this is often measures by your bounce rate. The lower your bounce rate, the better. Reducing your bounce rate will also increase the time people spend on your page, which means the higher likelihood that they’ll buy something or click on an ad.

Conversion Rate Optimization 

CRO has become an increasingly popular service since it basically aims to increase the conversion rate without increasing traffic. After all, if you can increase your conversions from 5% to 10%, you will double how much money you make, without having to get more traffic. This is truly one of the most efficient ways to make more money and boost your business and overall profitability.

A good digital marketing company will undergo lots of AB split testing on your money pages to increase the conversion rate. This is by far one of the best services you can get done and it is highly recommended.


In closing, we have just looked at a few popular SEO services that are offered by most digital agencies. There are many more, so be sure to keep reading and learning so that you can improve your overall knowledge of the online marketing space. Once you properly apply them, they will definitely help to not only improve traffic but also profitability.